Before you fly

Travel tips before you fly:

Do not carry liquids in excess of 100 ml.

  • Each container should not exceed 100 ml
  • Use a clear, resealable plastic bag
  • Place resealable bag in hand luggage
  • Maximum 1 litre capacity

Pack personal belongings in your hand luggage.

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Place laptops in an easily retrievable location as you will be asked to place in trays provided at the security checkpoint.

Check with your airline about baggage allowances.

Generally 2 pieces of baggage are allowed for international travel with the weight of each piece not exceeding 32 kilograms, however this may vary by airline and by fare type.

Excess baggage must be repacked and excess baggage fees typically apply.

Always remove old baggage tags as they may cause the baggage system to reject the luggage it is attached to.

Avoid using cardboard boxes as they must be processed manually (which takes more time) and are not durable.

Arrange for travel insurance.

Check with your airline to determine visa requirements at your final destination.