Get a UAE licence

Up until a short time ago, Dubai was awash with independent instructors. But since the clampdown on road safety the only way to learn is with a large, government sanctioned school. Far and away the two most organized schools in Dubai are Belhasa School of Motoring and the Emirates Driving Institute. Your learning car is likely to be a Nissan Sunn or a Toyota Corolla, and you can choose to learn in a manual or an automatic. Both schools have a structured, professional teaching system and female instructors for women. Both schools also have the ability to issue your license from the traffic department so the process is relatively easy.


Belhasa Driving Centre (04 344 0276) Probably the best known school in Dubai, Belhasa uses clean and well maintained vehicles. They charge Dhs45 for a normal 45 minute auto or manual lesson. New drivers must take 40 lessons before they can take a test.

Emirates Driving Institute Al Qusais (04 263 1100) All the cars are up-to-date and they use a standard teaching technique. They even has a driving simulator to get you up to speed before letting you loose on Dubai’s roads. They charge Dhs50 for a lesson in manual car and Dhs55 for an automatic. Again, like Belhasa the minimum number of lessons you have to take is 40.